The Gibson Baldwin Music Education Signature Series Electric SG Guitar is based on a patented Gibson design that dates back to the year 1961 which had been religiously held in the hands of the rock gods. The bold move by Gibson has paid off and has attained an enormous success.

The unique neck:

None of the guitar models in the current market are as distinguishable as the neck profiles that are employed on the Gibson models. The new SG ‘61 reissue has a more modern and slim tampered neck that is most commonly associated with the Les Paul and SG models of the early 1960s. Gibson has made use of the wood sharpers to make the initial cuts. And once the fingerboard gets glued on, the rest of the work including the final standing is done manually. Since the guitar is constructed manually, no two necks will be having exactly the same dimensions. Hence, while the Electric SG Guitar maintains the basic characteristics of its respective profile, each of the necks will differ slightly with a distinct and traditional feel.

Gibson Baldwin Music Education Signature Series Electric SG Guitar Heritage cherry

The Trapezoid inlays:

Another feature that distinguishes the traditional SG models is the classic trapezoid inlays. These inlays attain a classic pearl look with the help of a swirl acrylic figure. The inlays are inserted into the fingerboard with the help of a process that eliminates gaps and does not require the use of any filters.


Additionally there are a lot of qualities that make Gibson’s original humbucking pickups unique and one of them is the subtle variations between the coil and windings. Initially Gibson’s PAF humbuckers that were wound using some imprecise machines that results in pickups with a slightly different output and tone, that would appeal to the players who would like to mix match and explore a complete spectrum of tonal capabilities. The next generation pickups offers warm and full tone with a balanced response that packs PAF humbucker crunch. They capture and recreate Gibson’s renowned characteristic. Finally, it is made to the exact same specifications of the original PAFs, that includes Alnico II magnets, nickel-plated pole pieces, nickel slugs, maple spacers, and vintage-style, two-conductor braided wiring. The difference is that, instead of the enamel coated wiring, a poly coated wiring has been added which improves greatly the consistency. It works by eliminating the thin or thick spots on the wire and wax potting that removes all the internal air space and hence eliminates the chance of any microscopic feedback.

Mahogany body:

The central part of all the Gibson SESGWRCH Electric Guitar features is its solid mahogany body. This weight reduced model makes no compromise in tone, sustain or performance. The mahogany wood used in the guitar goes through a rigorous selection process and is being inspected and qualified by a Gibson’s team of skilled wood experts even before they enter into the factory for the sake of production.

Dealt with perfection:

The care taking does not end with this. In order to make sure they attain the highest possible level of perfection, the humidity inside the Gibson factories is maintained as 45 percent and the temperature as 70 degrees. This kind of a set up makes sure that all the woods are dried to a level of equilibrium and therefore the moisture content is maintained unchanged even during the process of manufacturing. This environment also assures that the joints are fitted in tightly and there is no expansion. The shrinking and wrapping of the woods are also controlled along with the reduction of weight. Gibson’s efforts of perfection improves the wood’s machinability and finishing properties. Consistent moisture content means that the Gibson Baldwin Music Education Signature Series Electric SG 6-string Guitar will respond evenly to temperature and humidity changes for a long time after it leaves the factory.

Gibson Baldwin Music Education Signature Series Electric SG Guitar Wine Red

Other features:

The other highlight features of the Gibson Baldwin Music Education Signature Series Electric SG Guitar includes the Nitrocellulose finish, The Gibson logo, Angled headstock, Adjustable Truss rod, 60’s slim taper neck profile, 22 fret rosewood fingerboard, Nickel and silver alloy fret wire, Trapezoid inlays, set-neck construction, two 57’s classic pickups and Tune-O-Matic Bridge.


This classic guitar is available in wine red or heritage cherry finishes.

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Gibson Baldwin Music Education Signature Series Electric SG Guitar Specifications

Manufacturer Gibson
Model Name Gibson Baldwin Music Education Signature Series

Electric SG Guitar

Model number SESGWRCH
Body Mahogany body
Hardware Chrome hardware
Pickups Classic Humbuckers
Controls Dual Volume Tone Controls
Peghead shape Gibson Dovewing
Brand Logo Signature Series
MH Centre Logo None
Machine Heads Chrome Diecast
Peghead Face Colour Black
Truss Rod Cover 3-ply Gibson Bell Shape
Binding None
Neck material Rosewood
Neck Inlay Style Trapezoids
12th Fret inlay Trapezoid
Position 1.5mm Black
Binding Ivory
Scale Length 628mm
Body shape SG Body Shape
Top Veneer Nato
Back veneer Nato
Pickups 2-Covered Humbuckers
Pickup Mounting Rings Black
Finish Wine red, Heritage cherry